At the starting line?

Who knows? I sure don’t. I am struggling through life with the usual issues of juggling family and work. But, I feel like God is testing me. I seem to be the person that gets everything piled on me and I want to do it all because I have the need to be a people pleaser. I can’t say no. I have my boys, one that is determined to try to not go to school and one with special needs that keep me from getting a full night’s sleep on any given night. I have a husband, that can’t work because of medical issues and and a job that makes me cry just by driving into work. Oh, and I can’t forget that I help my 91 yr old grandfather every night. Yep, I lead a dull and boring life.

I guess I am starting a blog for several different reasons. But the main reason, I want to be heard as a mom of boys, mom of a special needs child, and even as just a mom or wife or whatever I happen to talk about on that day. I have a voice and I want to be able to talk about things, whether it is crafting, cooking, cleaning, parenting or just being me.


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