Cutting ties.

I did it. I took the huge step that I had been so scared to take. I had the support of my husband, which was key for me. So, I have roughly two weeks left of work–with a side trip to Chicago. I am so excited about this trip! It is a food blogher conference. So very interesting, exciting and invigorating! When I get back, I have pre-ops and a big surgery for the kidney stones. So, my life will be extremely crazy, flipped upside down and all over the place in the next few weeks. I pray that God shows me the way that I need to go to follow His plan for me and my family. I do know there is so much that I want/need/must do for my family and household. My house is disgusting and disorganized! Yuck! But when have I had time or energy to be the person that I want to be for my family? I haven’t! Now, I will be able to do it! Keep me in your prayers! I need it!


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